Kuburah Diamonds: The ‘Dbee’ from Zango, now Corporate Marketer and Author

Adiza Kuburah Braimah.

By Sayida Maltiti Sadick

Adiza Kuburah Braimah, popularly known as ‘Kuburah Diamonds’, is a firebrand with over 40,000 followers on social media. She started her journey to greatness in childhood, having a father in a patriarchal setting who believes in women’s empowerment and made sure they lacked nothing as children growing up in Tema in the Greater Accra region.

As is known in most Zango communities dotted across the country, bustling, thriving businesses and trade skills did not elude Kuburah Diamonds. Watching her mother juggle one trade to the next, Kuburah Diamonds learned how to start selling at a young age.

Baring all on her journey to a corporate marketing managerial role in a foreign-owned company on GTV Breakfast on The Scoop with Kafui Dey, she said after tertiary education, reality hit her about surviving on her own with how difficult accessing white-collar jobs in the big city is. She then went into the sale of fashion accessories and began her marketing career as well.

The ‘Kuburah Diamonds’ brand she revealed started with her marketing career and engagements with people on social media, especially women in the Zango who follow her for insights into entrepreneurship, leading to her forming her social enterprise, Zango Livelihood and Empowerment Programme (ZANGWOLEAP), where she has trained over 300 women in various skills and supported them to start their own businesses. Kuburah Diamonds added that life was not easy trying to be a sole business owner without a salary, but her family stood as a strong pillar for her till she married her husband, Sadiq Abu Abdulai, who started out as a journalist and is now one of Ghana’s youngest politicians.

The Author of ‘Becoming an Intentional Young Woman’ book said young women need to understand the importance of resilience and perseverance to get a seat at the table of leadership and open more doors for fellow women. The part-time fashion consultant owns a boutique and juggles caring for her three children and her husband with her corporate responsibilities.

Kuburah Diamonds told Kafui Dey that her success has been solely based on being intentional about her goals and not giving room to any questions, especially with how some persons stereotype people from minority communities like the ‘Zango’ which is a settlement of a lot of non-indigenous and indigenous tribes and people who are well known for their business prowess but also for their lack of access to opportunities to transform themselves and their families to live better lives.

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