The two national dailies, the Daily Graphic and Ghanaian Times both discuss the celebration of August 4 as Founders Day.

The Graphic backs the message by President Akuffo Addo on the rational behind the Founders Day celebrations saying the day is not meant for a certain political party or a section of society.

The paper says Ghanaians should rather unite behind the objective of the day to imbibe in them the spirit of patriotism, honesty and Humility.

The Graphic says to fully reap the benefits of the celebration, Founders Day should rather be marked with activities that will inspire the people to resolve to put the country first.

THE GHANAIAN TIMES: For its part thinks that despite the brouhaha about who is wrong or right about the appropriate date for the celebration of Founders Day, the significance of the day should not be overlooked.

The paper says it is unfortunate that not all segment of the Ghanaian society agree that the day should be observed.

That notwithstanding, the TIMES is of the view that no matter where one stands in the matter, the day must be acknowledged so that people regardless of their political affiliation are celebrated for the contribution they have made to the country’s socio economic development.

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