10th September, 2020


The Daily Graphic says the Electoral Commission deserves commendation in its preparation towards the general election. The Paper says it is actually happy for the EC’s resolute stance in the face of criticisms and public backlash and for showing fortitude to ensure the smooth and successful execution of the exercise. The Graphic says the EC`s job is a difficult one, and rightly so because the performance of its functions could be fraught with controversies which could provoke acrimonious disputes. Such interference according to the Paper can severely compromise the role of the EC as an impartial referee and thereby throw into grave doubt the credibility of the entire elections. The Graphic however is happy that the EC has so far resisted undue pressure and acquitting itself very well. 

The DAILY HERITAGE says it acknowledges the prosecution of all Electoral related offences saying the exercise has come at the right time.  The Paper says with just some 88 days to the December 7 polls, such an exercise will provide officers with the needed skills on how to gather relevant evidence, and ensure the successful prosecution of Electoral related offences. The paper says it has learnt that, a synopsis of electoral related offences shows that the offences cannot be found in one legal document as they are scattered in various Acts and Constitutional instruments, hence the programme. The Heritage commends the Ghana Police Service for getting their men ready for the task ahead The paper is therefore urging the personnel to take the programme seriously by applying themselves to it.

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