The Daily Graphic finds it satisfactory that government is able to raise three billion dollars in Eurobonds. This is because the economy requires a lot of funds to fix its challenges and placed on the right footing for a better take-off. The Graphic, therefore, hopes leaders of the economy will stay on track and do what is right for the country rather than doing things for political expediency.

The Ghanaian Times expects the government to honour its promise of paying back deposits made to customers of DKM and other Banking and Financial institutions who lost their license for violating the Banking Act. This follows Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia’s assurance at the Town Hall meeting in Kumasi that customers of such financial institutions will receive their deposits in full. The Times believes the payments will go a long way to resuscitate collapsed businesses with rippling effects on the economy, and calls for calm while government does the needful.

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