The Daily Graphic congratulates government on spearheading the digitisation drive and urges other departments and agencies to take advantage of the policy to improve their work and service delivery. According to the paper, the impact of the Mobile Renewal Service (MRS), in particular, has been huge. It has saved many people the time and resources and helped done away with long queues, especially at the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) District offices. The Graphic says MRS also has the potential to reduce false claims that have cost the NHIS millions of cedis diverted into the pockets corrupt officials. Inspite of all that, the paper cautions officials of the National Identification Authority (NHIA) to open their eyes because the challenges are not yet over, as there are people who will always take advantage of loopholes in the system. The Graphic equally asked the NHIA to take a critical look at the ‘reimbursement’ regime and ensure that delayed payments to health facilities become a thing of the past.

The Ghanaian Times bemoans the killing of Journalists in their line of duty, saying the dastardly acts are carried out very often in autocratic Countries and not in democratic countries where freedom and safety of media practitioners are protected. As the Country remembers slain Journalist Ahmed Suale one year after his killing, the Times shares in the sentiments by the GJA, family and friends of Mr. Suale that the Police steps up search for the killers. The Times similarly supports the call for security agencies to make the safety and security of journalists their topmost priority at all times. The Paper implores journalists to also think seriously about their personal security and safety while going about their work so that they do not fall victim to criminals on the payrolls of mobsters.

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