The Daily Graphic lauds the initiative by the Ministry of Food and Agriculture to set up a Rice Technical Team with the potential to save millions of dollars used to import rice into the country. It says this initiative resonates with the President’s Ghana Beyond Aid agenda and must be pursued vigorously to achieve rice sufficiency in the country. This, the paper believes is possible. The Graphic, therefore, urges the Ministry of Finance to support rice farmers to secure funding from financial institutions to enable them to increase production and also help the millers off-take paddy rice at the farms. The paper believes that this is the time to sustain interest in Ghana rice and the onus rests on the Ministry of Food and Agriculture and the Ministry of Finance to support the farmers and those in the value chain to keep up the momentum.

The Ghanaian Times is happy with the action of the Public Accounts Committee in ordering for the arrest, investigation and possible prosecution of public officers who flout the laws on public funds mismanagement. It said the Committee in the past had rested on its oars and has often been described as being too lenient with persons who failed to account for expenditure in their various institutions. The Times believes it is time to descend on offending public officers to save the country’s limited resources from misuse.

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