The Ghanaian Times is worried over reports of the outbreak of Yaws, locally known as “jator”,  at Tsledom,  in the Lower Manya Krobo Municipality in the Eastern  Region. The paper is however happy that a team of health officials from the municipality has carried out mass injection, dispensary exercise and distributed antibiotics to the infected residents. The Times therefore advises the public to adopt good hygiene practices and drink clean water to reduce the risk of contracting Yaws. It also calls for collaboration to scale up intervention in endemic areas.

The Daily Graphic calls for massive support for the cultivation of mangoes whose import value have increased significantly over the years with Ghana capturing about 18 percent of the European Market. The paper believes that for Ghana to be able to compete with Latin America where production levels are very high,  the Ministries of Agriculture, Trade and Industry and other bodies must put in place the necessary systems to ensure the provision of healthy planting materials. The Graphic therefore challenges farmers and exporters to commit themselves to the application of good agricultural practices to ensure  quality produce.

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