The Daily Graphic fully backs calls for thorough and impartial investigation into the alleged fraudulent PDS concession agreement. The paper supports the cautious manner government is treating the matter to ensure there are no legal breaches that will rather aggravate the already volatile matter. The Graphic strongly believes the country needs to demonstrate its capacity to manage donor funds to satisfy those who support it for development. It says if this power pact is to make the Energy sector better to drive the country towards industrialisation, then there is the need to tread cautiously to derive the maximum benefit. The Graphic says the best way to thank donors is to use their money in a flawless manner to win their hearts to encourage them to do more for the country.

The Ghanaian Times is worried at the inadequate protective police gears to shield them from attacks and exposure to criminal gangs. It urges the Ministry for the Interior and the Police administration to urgently ensure police personnel are provided with the needed modern equipment to work with. The Times hopes the killing of Corporal Nabia in Tamale would trigger the provision of adequate equipment to ensure the police are not exposed to dangers unduly. The paper applauds the police for the swift apprehension of the alleged killers and encourages same professionalism when it comes to crime against other members of society.

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