The Graphic sees the development of road networks as a good move that needs commendation. Bearing in mind that roads remain the dominant mode of transport and are among the most heavily used infrastructure. The paper observes that going forward Ghana should have a non-partisan discussion on how the private sector can be brought in to help bridge the financing gap in road infrastructure. It says this will also open up opportunities for private investors to create more job opportunities for the youth.

The Ghanaian Times says it is unfortunate that since 2018 the office of the special prosecutor has not found a permanent office to operate from and continue to search for a suitable place to occupy. The paper is perplexed that the Office of the Special prosecutor could not furnish the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) with the necessary documents they required so that work on the complex would be completed. It says it is also baffling that the AMA and the office of the special prosecutor could not resolve a simple matter of permit to allow the contractor to work on the office complex. The Times calls on the Office of the Special Prosecutor and the AMA to resolve the issue of permit so that the contractor can move back to site and complete the work. It says alternatively a new office should be found quickly for the office of the special prosecutor to move into so as to carry out its mandate.

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