The Daily Graphic discusses AU day which is being marked today. The paper calls on African leaders to intensify cooperation and efforts to achieve a better life for their people. It says despite failures in a number of sectors, Africa still needs a strong and effective union that will play a key role in the accelerated development of the continent. The paper urges all to reflect on the  blood, toil and tears shed by the continent’s forebears as they made sacrifices to ensure the liberation of Africa.

The Ghanaian Times is alarmed at the spate of illegal activities going on along train routes in parts of the country, which is endangering lives. The paper points to the siting of unauthorized bus terminals, as well as noise from loud speakers mounted at the Kwame Nkrumah Interchange bus terminals, which impedes hearing of drivers to stop and give way to passing trains. The paper is surprised that organizations like  the Intercity STC and O&A Travel and Tours, who are not strangers to the regulations would ignore them and construct terminals close to the rail tracks putting the lives of their patrons in danger. The Times calls on Ghanaians not to allow indiscipline to derail efforts being made to restore train transport in the country.

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