Ghanaian Times lauds the Forestry Commission for deciding to stop the cultivation of cocoa and other crops in forest reserves. The paper says this will not only protect the forest but will also ensure that future generations become inheritors and not just survivors. The paper expects farmers, traditional authorities and the various local communities to take the order serious and comply with it. The Times also expects the Forestry Commission, Ghana Cocoa Board and other stakeholders and the law enforcement agencies to ensure strict adherence to the order and those who defy it punished severely and swiftly to deter others.

The Daily Graphic finds it difficult suggesting that the taxpayer’s money be used to settle the indebtedness of failed savings and loans companies to their depositors. The paper argues that it was not the fault of the customer to deposit his lifetime savings with the failed companies. Rather they relied on the license issued by the Central Bank before arriving at the decision. The paper is of the view that savings and loans companies should deploy technology and proper infrastructure to trace and track their debtors. This will help reduce the high non-performing loans in the sector so that most of them can be recovered and reinvested in the business. The Graphic says when this is done, it will help strengthen the liquidity and solvency of institutions in the sub-sector and further enhance their viability.

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