The Daily Graphic reiterates the need for ghost names to be expunged from government’s payroll. It says tried as government has in past years to keep a clean payroll, people continue to use crafty means to perpetrate the crime. The paper is however optimistic that the announcement by government to use the electronic payment card, e-zwich to pay workers offer a much better solution to the problem especially due to its biometric features. The Daily Graphic acknowledges this move to be globally acceptable and entreats all public sector workers to heed to the directive and comply accordingly. In this regard, it urges labour unions and associations to sensitize their members so all embrace the digital means of receiving salaries.

The Ghanaian Times calls for a change in the narrative in the protection of the rights of persons with disability, PWDs. It re-echoes the cry of the Gender, Children and Social Protection Minister, Mrs. Cynthia Morrison for an end to the mimicking of PWDs in movies in the country since it is dehumanising. The paper broadens the scope of abuse of the rights of PWDs and charges all to abide by the law in ensuring that PWDs get access to public transport and buildings easily. While commending government for its support for PWDs, the Times hopes apathy on the part of the public and being insensitive to their needs would cease.

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