Start your year feeling like ‘Superman’ with Manuel Bless

Start your year feeling like 'Superman' with Manuel Bless
Manuel Bless

Ghanaian Gospel artiste, Manuel Bless, has released a new single titled “Superman,”  an Afrobeats fusion faith-based song full of praise to oneself and the creator who made him.

The single is the latest release from the talented artist, who has blessed countless others, including himself with his music.

With the potential to easily capture the hearts of many with his sound, Manuel Bless’ new single is an expression of self-love and appreciation for the force behind him; the real reason he feels as great as he does. In addition, with lyrics you can easily grasp, the singer soars through the smooth yet upbeat melody, creating a joyous atmosphere of praise and appreciation throughout the song.

“Superman” is a powerful celebration of oneself. A reflection of the right kind of attitude to start your year with.

Listen here:

Manuel Bless born Emmanuel Kwadwo Asamoah, started out professionally in 2006 as a participant in the “Stars of the Future” show by Charter House. He’s since been involved in music for 16 years now.

He’s also an entrepreneur with an animal farm business located at Kpone Katamanso. Again, he is a husband and a devout Christian.

Manuel refers to his music-making process as therapeutic and says his own music has brought healing to certain areas of his life. And for that, he hopes to impact others through his therapeutic gospel tunes and help them encounter God.

“Superman” is currently available on all digital music platforms.

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