The season of Christmas is a time of giving and sharing. It is also a time where some persons paint and beautify their homes to probably receive visitors.

The season of Christmas this year, showed new trends in beautification. This is the adoption and decoration of some major streets and roads by some corporate institutions.

It is not out of place to see people decorate homes, churches and offices during festive occasions like Christmas.

In Ghana, it is a recent development to find streets decorated in the traditional Christmas colours of green and red.

Picture Credit: Kobby Spiky Nkrumah (Facebook)

From the Ring Road Central, around the Nima junction, the frontage of the private residence of the president has been beautifully decorated with a bold inscription of Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

The next place visited was the ridge roundabout. Here, creativity and a display of culture was at its best. Artisans had molded canoes, trees, animals of different shapes and sizes among a host of other items.

Not even the traffic lights around the area are even spared the decoration. With just a switch of a button at night, the lights of elaborately decorated Christmas trees and other miniatures come to live.

At the Ako Adjei interchange, on the Independence Avenue, artificial carpets have been spread on the ground, Christmas trees have been erected all around the interchange.

While some flowers hanged on walls others had carefully been placed at all available spaces.

At the frontage of the magnificent Standard Chartered Bank building around the interchange are beautiful lawns and trees, which have also been adorned with Christmas lights, which makes the area, a sight to behold at night.

Unfortunately, at all the places visited, workers whose creativity and hard work have such glitz streets were not on-site at the time of visit. That notwithstanding their works which speaks volumes were for people to admire.

The Standard Chartered Bank is the brain behind the beautification at the Ako Interchange, on the Independence Avenue.

What could be the morale behind this initiative? Head of Corporate Affairs, Brand and Marketing is Asiedua Addae.

Decorated streets or roads though beautiful did not run through all areas visited in the capital Accra, a reason moves by the Standard Chartered Bank is commendable.

As we look forward to a new Christmas in 2020, I can only wish and hope more organisation would adopt a road or a major interchange that has granted safe passage to their workers and employees throughout the year.

In doing so, a critical look must be given to the elaborate lights which some motorists say blindfold them at night.

Merry Christmas to us all.

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