You may be used to cow meat(beef) but certainly not its outfits. Cow prints are all around us, but it is just that we are not aware. If you see the cow print for the first time you might think it is a camouflage due to the patterns in it.

The cow is a very popular animal. I believe it is because of the milk and the meat products we derive from it.

Cows have unique symbolism. They are believed to be very generous with their life and behave in the most selfless of manner.

According to expert in animals totems and symbolisms, these animal illustrate both the masculine and feminine qualities that exist in every being.

The bull is characterized by bold and rigid energies while the cow is far more gentle and tranquil.

They remind us to constantly ensure that these energies are in harmonious balance. The cowhide is the natural, unbleached skin and hair of a cow. It retains the original colouring of the animal.

In the Northern, Upper East, Upper West, and Savannah Regions of Ghana, it is common to see the natural cowhide used as floor mat, wall hangings, boot and sword. Cow prints often come in various patterns; they could be a combination of black and white, brown and white or solid black, white or brown.

Interestingly, fashionistas and fashion designers mostly prefer the combination of white and black. They are simply attractive and adorable. You can have a cow printed hat, T-shirt, skirt, sneaker, bangle, scarf, bedspread, foot rugs among others.

It is always cute to wear your cow prints with bright accessories. It will help in adding some life to the earthy colours of the print. Try not to wear the print from head to toe. One or two pieces of the print are fine, but more than that in a semblance will actually make you look like a hunter girl.

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