High heel shoes worn by women, have long been associated with sophistication.

The heels have been patronised by fashion-minded women for quite some time now, and they’ve become synonymous with style and luxury.

However, this particular foot accessory is not without its downside.

The wearing of high heels, also called stilettos may have  long-lasting health effects on the female body extending  beyond the foot.

Experts say long-term wear of the high heels can shorten the muscles in  the calves and at one’s back, which can cause muscle pain and spasms.

Medical experts say many women experience painful leg cramps after prolong wear of high heeled shoes, lending credence to the adage “Beauty is pain”.

According to the research, one in ten women wear high heels at least three days a week.

To make matters worse, a third have fallen flat on the floor while wearing the stilettoes or high heel.

Despite the health challenges that come with wearing the  heels, some women cannot do without them.

Over time, they  have strategised and found innovative ways of wearing the heels.

They go out wearing them but carrying alongside, flat sandals which they wear intermittently.

They call them “lawyers” which they wrap in their bags and bring out when their feet begin to ache.

A doctor at the New Hope Hospital, Dr. Eric Boateng said there are so many contributory  factors to  bone and back related ailments, but many women would be surprised to learn that the main cause of their back pain is the heels they wear.

According to the doctor, the way one turn, sit, and lift contribute to the spinal  health, but the height of ones shoes may be the worst of all.

Doctor Boateng urged ladies who constantly wear heels to frequently exercise and work on strengthening their cores to keep their spines flexible to minimise the impact  wearing  of heels has on their hips, knees, calves and spine.

He also advised ladies to visit the hospital to have their spine checked from time to time to help prevent pain, in addition to swift and  corrective treatments.

Although ones favourite pair of shoes may seem harmless, they can do more harm to the body than just causing the fellow to tumble and fall.

One may have to be cautious about how often they wear their favourite stilettos.

Whenever you find yourself complaining of a discomfort in the neck, aching back or noisy knees, don’t immediately blame your office chair because it could be  your high heel shoes.

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