Mr. Oppong Adei, seen in this photo on Thursday, January 30, posing as a traffic police.

A 51-year-old man, Mr. Oppong Adei, who is presumed to be mad by many because he holds a stick, megaphone and stands on a section of the road from McCarthy Hill bus stop to Mallam junction, says he is of sound mind.

According to him, he is there to direct traffic and educate people on sanitation.

Speaking to some pedestrians, they referred to Mr. Oppong popularly known as ‘the mad traffic man’, as being helpful to them.

“He helps stop cars for us to cross the road and as well prevent motor riders, who resort to riding on the shoulder of the road,  from using the pavement,” one pedestrian said.

“He appears to be sick,” one driver remarked.

But in an interview with gbcghanaonline, Mr. Oppong Adei revealed that he is sane.

He disclosed that he has been directing traffic and speaking on sanitation for about seven months now.

“I started directing traffic and speaking on sanitation after I had a car accident.”

Mr. Oppong in tears explained, “I was knocked down by a car when I was standing on a pavement around the airport area.”

“I lost one leg,” he noted, adding that, “I wouldn’t want same to happen to another person, so the little I can do is to make sure motorists and motor riders do not use the pavement.”


“Passengers are always quiet about reckless driving. All they care about is getting to their destination without thinking about their safety,” he observed.

“I wake up every morning to direct motorists every day and when there is free movement of vehicles, I go round to pick litters and weed the bushes by the road.”

“Many think I’m mad and that beats my imagination because all I do is to help ease traffic and educate people on sanitation and to help my country.”

“I have a wife and two kids.”

“I have never been called or received any sort of encouragement not to talk of giving me money to buy water or battery for my megaphone. Upon all I do, yet they refer to me as a mad man.”

Mr. Oppong Adei, who is seen wearing a scarf draped in Ghana colours around his neck, said “it’s a message to the public that Ghana is ours and we need to make it a better place together”.


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