Exciting opportunities propel learning in Children- Data Privacy Consultant

Data Privacy Consultant
Emmanuel Gadasu, Data Privacy Consultant

By Gifty Adunyah

Data Privacy Consultant Emmanuel Gadasu speaking on the GTV Breakfast Show on Friday, April 8, 2022 on the topic, Coding and its importance for Kids, says children are coded through things that excite them.

Explaining further he said children try to emulate what excites them hence getting them exposed to things you will like them to emulate is a way of coding them. And it can be done through games.

“At the early stage you try to make it in the form of games that are exciting, things that are exciting, things that can be easily rearranged. In a way that will suit the child’s age range.”

Adding up he said Basketball, websites and pictures also help code children. However, he made it known that there are different types of coding for every age level.

Elaborating further, Mr.Gadasu said ”for JHS students, theirs is more practical, things that are relatable to their environment and for younger children and toddlers theirs is through games and cartoons”.

He explained coding as giving instructions to a programmable device to act according to your bidding.

Watch the full interview below;


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