Debate on LGBTQ+ issue still rages on

The Member of Parliament for Nhyiaeso, Dr. Stephen Amoah, says the sovereignty of the country must be respected when it comes to its values, as such anybody or country that tries to fight against the LGBTQI Bill will not be tolerated.

Speaking on GBC’s Current Affairs Programme, FOCUS, Dr. Amoah said as far as Ghana`s values do not endanger the progress of other countries, its stance on LGBTQI should be respected.

He cautioned other MPs not to vote against the Bill.

Dr. Stephen Amoah said the act of LGBTQI is socially and morally unacceptable. He said if the approach towards handling the issue is not well managed, the actions, inactions and behaviors of members of LGBTQI will lure other innocent children into the act.

The MP for Tamale Central, Murtala Mohammed, said the Western world is using financial aid as a weapon to force African countries to accept the act of LGBTQI which is unfortunate.

He said this time around their threat would not materialise because the values and norms of the country need to be protected.

Meanwhile, Former Director, Amnesty International, Ghana, Robert Akoto Amoafo has described the bill to criminalize LGBTQI+ as unnecessary and uncalled for. He cautioned MPs to be measured in their discussions since they represent people of different religious beliefs.

Mr. Amoafo emphasised the need to focus all arguments on LGBTQI+ on facts and not myths.


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