The Daily Graphic is saddened by the unending problem of leaving projects halfway through construction and the abandonment of projects by successive political regimes. The paper recounts plans by government to establish a 1 billion mortgage and housing finance scheme to leverage private capital to provide housing for Ghanaians which has still not seen the light of day. The paper does not believe this is fair to the tax payer and ordinary people who need decent accommodation to start life. The Graphic urges government to complete all unfinished housing projects as promised by the Minister for Works and Housing, Samuel Atta Akyea, before embarking on new ones. It believes the only way to reduce the housing deficit is to complete all outstanding projects and make sure they are fully ultilised.

The Ghanaian Times is stunned that Ghana is still recording high numbers of new HIV infections in children across the country. It attributes the situation to the fact that many pregnant women, who test positive for HIV do not receive anti-retroviral treatment to prevent mother to child transmission or the fact that many do not even get the chance to test for it. The paper therefore urges the Ghana AIDS Commission and all stakeholders to increase advocacy campaigns and address all the bottlenecks associated with service delivery to infected pregnant women, to ensure that they adhere to medications to prevent transmission to babies.

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