The Ghanaian Times considers the political twist to the recent importation of arms as unnecessary and calls on Ghanaians to de-politicise the importation of arms. The paper says what should be of great concern to all is the illicit arms trade, in view of the peace and security concerns in the sub-regions. The paper admonishes Ghanaians to handle such issues of national interest with circumspect so as not to generate fear and panic. It further encourages security agencies to effectively monitor and control firearms, to ensure the rights of the citizenry to safety, public health and human security.

The Daily Heritage expresses worry about how impunity is gradually becoming a canker in the society. It says people should not gloss over cases of impunity involving other foreigners such as black marketing of currencies. The paper says it does not understand why people would have the boldness to stand in the open at Circle, Tudu, Cowlane, and other places to sell the cedi. The Heritage says this happens because these foreigners have come to learn that unlike elsewhere, laws in Ghana do not bite and this must change for impunity among natives and foreigners to give way to sanity in Ghana.

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