The Daily Graphic is happy about efforts by the EC to intensify dialogue with key stakeholders.It says such an initiative has been long overdue because the commission has over the years paid little attention to building institutional systems. The Graphic calls on all stakeholders, especially political parties to support the EC to deliver on its mandate efficiently. It reminds the commission that next year’s election will be a demanding one which requires trust and team work. It therefore challenges the EC to continuously engage with political parties on various platforms, including the Inter- Party Advisory Committee IPAC, to strengthen the trust and confidence of the people.

Writing under the headline, the Agormanya confrontation must stop, The Ghanaian Times condemns the conduct of some residents of Agormanya who engaged the police and staff of the PDS in a battle that left one person dead and many others injured. The paper believes the behaviour calls for swift action against them. Whiles sympathising with the family of the boy who died as a result of the clashes, The Times urges residents to rather take the matter up with the District assembly and the PDS for an amicable resolution.

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