5th March, 2020


The Daily Graphic writes on the need not to limit children to single academic path. It says it is sad that in this 21st century, Ghana still uses a Curriculum which focuses on preparing students to pass their examinations. The paper says in this time and age, no one is looking for graduates who will write and pass their examinations but those who are team players, problem solvers, critical thinkers, innovative and can communicate effectively to help solve many national problems. According to the paper, the new curriculum, which is expected to be rolled out in September this year for JHS one will be centered on building character and nurturing values, in addition to ensuring a seamless progression for all learners from JHS and SHS and create clear pathways for academic and career related programmes from JHS two to SHS three. The Daily Graphic calls on all stakeholders and experts in education to team up and make useful inputs such that the final product is owned by all and not only the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment

The Ghanaian Times comments on the abandoned Ho Cenotaph which was constructed a quarter of a century ago in honour of fallen heroes which is now in a horrible state of destitution. The importance of this monument allows the people to remember the deceased and important public figures they honour and show their respect by laying wreaths occasionally at the Cenotaph. In a report carried by the Ghanaian Times, the monument has been left at the mercy of rodents, reptiles and a place for dumping refuse and human excreta. The paper is therefore calling on the agencies in charge of the monuments to take immediate steps to rehabilitate the Cenotaph to return it to its original state.

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