The Daily Graphic joins management of the Ghana Education Service to welcome all students back to school. It reminds them that government has invested so much in their education that is why they are enjoying the free SHS programme and therefore the best they can do for government is to focus on their studies and nothing else. It believes each student has a reason for being in school and parents have spoken well enough to their wards on how to take responsibility for their actions. The paper advises students to make use of whatever resources available and be content with whatever their parents can afford. It also urges the management of schools to ensure that students follow laid down procedures and avoid unruly behaviours and take care of school property. The Daily Graphic wishes the students a happy stay in school and the best in their upcoming end of semester and final exams.

The Ghanaian Times dedicates its editorial to the passage of the Right to Information Law. It says the passage of the Act is just the first step the right to access to information is going to bring. The good news is that Ghana’s RTI has been hailed as solid as compared to similar laws around the world. The paper has no doubt that there will be challenges in the implementation of the law. It expects constant education for both public and government officials.

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