Atadeka road in deplorable state

Drivers and residents of Atadeka in the Ashiaman Constituency in the Greater Accra Region have expressed worry over the deplorable state of the road.

According to the residents, they have to use different but very long routes just to get to their homes due to the deplorable state of the road.

“Whenever it rains the road becomes muddy due to its clayey nature, making our shoes and socks dirty” a student said.

Some of the drivers who ply the community said they have tried on several occasions to get their roads fixed but to no avail. However, the road has been in a deplorable state for a very long time and nothing has been done to fix it.

Speaking to some residents, a business woman Latifa Bawumia confirmed that she had a miscarriage due to the bad nature of the road.

“What at all is the government doing with our taxes? They should wait until the 2020 elections; we will “show them” she added bitterly.

Some drivers revealed that, there are so many potholes on the road which makes driving very uncomfortable.

They are therefore calling on the government to get their roads fixed.

Story by: Tsetsey Justina

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