First aid in cybersecurity crucial – David Gyedu

First aid in cybersecurity crucial - David Gyedu

By: Rebecca Ampah

The Chief Executive Officer of Cyber1Defense and a cybersecurity expert, David Gyedu has emphasised the need to understand the first aid in cybersecurity.

In an interview on GTV’s ‘Breakfast Show‘, he noted that there are basics for protecting oneself from cybersecurity threats, such as knowing how to secure your digital presence, among other measures.

“Sending location could save your life,” he said.

According to him, hacking on social media app, WhatsApp, is not directed at the application itself; rather, it targets the user. “They are not hacking the WhatsApp system but the user behind the WhatsApp,” he stated.

He further explained that WhatsApp hacks are typically motivated by extortion, defamation, using victims for malicious purposes, and exporting contacts for blackmail.

He suggested that the best way to stay protected online is through the two-step verification process.

He hinted that Cyber1Defense is organising a “book fair” to educate people on technology from November 18th to 19th, 2023.


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