The Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection, Mrs. Cynthia Morrison has expressed misgivings about the politicisation of her work in ensuring the protection of children from abuse.

Mrs.  Morrison was responding to claims that she made a promise to take care of the education and welfare of a five year old boy whose stepmother inflicted machete wounds on the arm, which was subsequently amputated.

She indicated that taking care of abused children is something she does without being coerced.

The Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection, Mrs. Cynthia Morrison with Little Isaac

Mrs. Morrison disclosed that all is set for the prosthetics to be fixed on the boy’s arm, after successful surgery.

Little Isaac being measured for the prosthetics to be fixed on his arm

Little Isaac also known as Kofi had his left hand amputated after doctors at the Cape Coast Regional Hospital concluded that the wounded arm was beyond reconstruction.

The wound was left unattended to, a month after his stepmother, in an anger threw a machete at him for misbehaving on their way to the farm.

The incident became a national issue, after it was reported to the police, prompting the Gender Minister to step in.

Mrs. Cynthia Morrison led the processes for the successful amputation. She said all is set for Little Isaac to have an artificial arm fixed.

“They, (WNY Stem Hub) came back to do the measurements for him so currently everything is set. The whole thing will be done in America. I am not baring the cost, they volunteered to do it for us”

Mrs. Morrison was not happy about how her promise to handle little Isaac’s education to the Secondary level was misconstrued. She described it as unfair politicisation of the issue.

“Kofi is not thr first child am putting in school for free, I have so many children like Kofi in my school,even in my house…..I am not doing this for politics. Its something I have been doing even before I came into politics”.

Photographs courtesy: Nathaniel Nartey

WNY Stem Hub, an NGO based in New York will oversee the fixing of the artificial arm for little Isaac.

Story by Nathaniel Nartey.

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