Ga East Municipal Hospital starts full medical care

The one hundred bed capacity Ga East Municipal Hospital in the Ga East District of the Greater Accra Region is now fully operational after its use as the National Covid-19 Centre.

Currently, there is the wrong notion by most clients that, they might contract the coronavirus when they visit the hospital.

The hospital’s management is assuring all, that the centre has been disinfected and fumigated and all is well. It says it is introducing the National Health Insurance Scheme to encourage more clients to seek medical care at the hospital.

At the peak of the global pandemic, these were busy corridors. The rooms of the Ga East Municipal Hospital in the Ga East District of the Greater Accra Region were full of patients, some brought in ambulances with sirens blowing.

Today, all is calm with little activity, but more practical training and simulation exercises by nurses.

At the height of the Covid 19 pandemic one year ago around this time in June 2020, nurses, doctors and specialists left nothing to chance. All hands were on deck to save lives and ensure the safety of frontline workers too.

The facility, which was initially to start work in November 2020 after it formally opened in November 2019 to provide healthcare services to the people of Ga East Municipality, had to stop its operations to care for Covid 19 patients when Ghana recorded her first Covid-19 case on March 12.

By March 21, 2020, the hospital was ready to receive its first Covid-19 patient.

The facility from March 2020 was designated as the National Covid-19 and Treatment Centre and until April 2021, had recorded 20,842 Covid-19 with 39 deaths. Though some of its frontline health workers were infected too none died.

With the setting up of the Ghana Infectious Disease Center GIDC/ Covid 19 infectious Centre, authorities of the Ga East Municipal Hospital say all Covid 19 patients have been moved to the Infectious Disease Centre, to allow the Municipal Hospital to fully start operating as intended.

Stigma and fear of being infected with Covid-19 is preventing many people from visiting the facility. But authorities of the Ga East Municipal Hospital are assuring that the facility is very safe for use.

The Ga East Municipal hospital currently has over 200 nurses and 20 doctors to provide quality healthcare for the people of the Ga East Municipality and other adjourning municipalities.

By: Mavis Offei Acheampong.


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