Migraine is disabling; seek early medical attention – Dr. Alfred Sedah

Dr. Alfred Seedah.
Dr. Alfred Seedah.

Story By: Henrietta Afful

Twitter: @AffulHetty

A Medical Practitioner at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, Dr. Alfred Sedah says chronic migraine can lead to mental issues, brain damage or lesions if not properly handled.

Speaking on the Breakfast Show on GTV, Dr Alfred Sedah said although migraines are common with people especially women, the disease is debilitating and disabling and advised people who experience constant headaches to seek medical attention.

He said migraines fall under basic headache but are quite severe because of the pulsating nature of the headache which usually affects one side of the head and can last for about 4 to 72 hours in some cases.

On the causes of migraines, Dr Sedah said there isn’t a particular cause, however certain foods – wine, chocolate, cheese, the weather, stress or physical exertion, overworking and the lack of sleep can trigger a migraine attack.

He said migraine attacks do not usually happen in an instance but in certain cases, there are early warnings signs. Dr Sedah noted that the onset of a migraine attack may be associated with headache, mood swings, hallucination and having flashes of light.

He urged people with migraines to seek medical attention adding that there are medications for migraines.

He cautioned against the use of generic pain killers for the treatment of migraines.

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