NPP to annex majority parliamentary seats in 2020 as its agenda in U/W


The leadership of the New Patriotic Party, (NPP), in the Upper West Region has been asked to put in place measures to bring all its members on board as the party prepares to execute what it terms “the agenda of annexing majority of the parliamentary seats” in the Region.

The Upper West Regional Minister, Dr. Hafiz Bin Salih made the call the regional launch of Naa S. D. Dombo Foundation for Development and Leadership Studies (SDDFDLS) at Jirapa.

The occasion was also used to launch a 162-page-book entitled “S. D. Dombo: A Biography of an Iconic Ghanaian Statesman.” 

The Upper West Regional Minister, Dr Hafiz Bin Salih launching the book

Dr. Bin Salih praised the authors of the book, Anane Agyei and Dr. Gabriel Gbiel Benarkuu for doing a marvelous work to immortalize the contributions of Chief S. D. Dombo in respect of the political history of Ghana.

The co-authors: Mr. Anane Agyei (left in white) & Dr. Gabriel Gbiel Benarkuu (middle in smock)

The regional minister talked about how Chief Dombo’s dedication had inspired him: “As a young politician, “I take much inspiration from such a selfless and committed patriot who sacrificed his life in defending the ideals of the United Party (UP) tradition from which the current New Patriotic Party, (NPP), originated”

Front cover
Back cover

Dr. Bin Salih recalled the gains NPP made in the 2016, general election, saying the party cannot afford to retrogress in the 2020 election.

He said: “As the Regional Minister for the Upper West Region, I am committed to ensuring that the dream of Chief Dombo, B.K. Adama, Naa Abayefaa Karbo, Jatoe Kaleo, Mumuni  Dimbie and Alhaji Alhassan Bin Salih is realized in the Region. They wanted the Upper West region to an everlasting strong-hold of the Danquah-Dombo-Busia tradition. We have an opportunity to ensure that the NPP becomes the majority party in the Upper West region in the 2020 election. All hands must therefore be on deck.”

The Chief of Duori, Naa Tikang Dombo

The Chief Duori, Naa Tikang Dombo was very thankful to President Nana Addo Dankwa  Akufo-Addo for formally launching the Foundation on 6th December 2018 in Accra and called for the actualization of the President’s proposal to name the Wa Campus of the University for Development Studies as the S. D. Dombo University for Business and Development Studies.

He stressed the need for students and researchers to add more information to the book co-authored by Mr. Anane Agyei and Dr. Gabriel Gbiel Benarkuu to further enrich the literature on Chief S.D. Dombo.

Naa Tikang Dombo also requested for a dam and a police post among other development projects in Duori in honour of Chief S. D. Dombo.

The MCE for Jirapa, Madam Christine Bonbanye Amadu

The MCE for Jirapa, Christine Bonbanye Amadu expressed appreciation to the family of S.D. Dombo for upholding legacy.

“Permit me to use this opportunity to express our profound and heartfelt gratitude to the family of the icon for revitalizing the works of Naa S. D. Dombo and I believe that if Naa Dombo were to be alive, Northern Ghana and Ghana as a whole would have openly recognized his contributions to the development of our mother Ghana” the MCE affirmed.

The Busia Institute for Rural and Democratic Development (BIRDD) and the Busia family bought two copies of the book for four thousand Ghana Cedis (GH₵ 4,000.00).

A minute’s silence was held in a memory of C. K. Tedam who was a contemporary of  S. D. Dombo. 

Story and pictures by Emmanuel Mensah-Abludo

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