An external hard drive is an unconnected device that is plugged into a desktop computer or laptop with a USB cable.

External hard drives provide additional space for file storage and can even be used as backup drives for a computer.

Because external hard drives are always separate from computers and are not protected from damage, preventive care is needed to keep it in good working condition.

Below are some 5 ways to care for External Hard drives;

  1. Never put your HDD or any other storage on any magnetic material eg. Speaker
  2. After you have ejected the HDD on the PC, wait for about 30secs for the platter to stop spinning before getting the cable out from the port.
  3. Check for disk Fragmentation and Cache.
  4. Any HDD above 120GB should have the NTFS format system.
  5. Avoid fall, hit, virus, water and excessive heat.

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