Romanian Prime Minister Viorica Dancila attends a debate on the priorities of the Romanian presidency of the E.U. for the next six months, at the European Parliament in Stras CREDIT: REUTERS

Romania’s government has fallen after Social Democrat Prime Minister Viorica Dancila lost a no-confidence vote.

Official data showed that 238 lawmakers voted to topple the Romanian PM, with the vote needing just 233 votes to pass.

“We have stopped the Social Democrat Party from hurting Romania,” said Ludovic Orban, the leader of the opposition Liberal Party which spearheaded the no-confidence vote.
For many people in the country, this latest showdown is yet another sign that politicians are out of touch with Romanian society.
Education and healthcare, for instance, are in shambles, but nobody seems to address that.
Political analyst Andrei Taranu told Euronews: “We are in a structural crisis, one that politicians are incapable to deal with. Therefore they’re putting forward some small crises that are easy to solve relatively quickly, without dealing with the painful issues in need of solving.”

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