Commonwealth beauty Pageant queen assaulted


The Eastern Regional Police have arrested Yawo Sofahu alias Torgbe Shitor, a fetish priest, Princess Duncan the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Commonwealth Beauty Pageant and her assistant, Isaac Evra.

The three suspects were arrested for causing harm and forcing a complainant to undergo trial by ordeal.

Briefing the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in Koforidua, the Deputy Eastern Region Police Public Relations Officer Sergeant Francis Gamado, said the complainant in the case Nana Ama Essien was a finalist at the competition in Accra.

He said according to the complainant after the beauty pageant in Accra, Ms. Duncan urged the entire finalists to accompany her to a place which she did not disclose to them.

The complainant said Ms. Duncan finally took them to Torgbe Shitor shrine at Kukurantumi near Koforidua.

According to Mr. Gamado, the complainant said at the shrine, she and eight finalists were asked to go through a ritual to find the fellow who stole a cash of GHC500.00 and other items at the house where they resided during the competition.

The complainant said each of the finalists was give an egg and it was explained to them that they should throw the eggs to the ground and the one whose egg fails to break was the suspect who stole the money.

Sergeant Gamado said according to the complainant, when they threw the eggs unto the ground hers did not break so she was accused of stealing the money and the items which she denied.

As a result, two male attendants of Todge Shito came and beat her up with the flat side of a cutlass to force her to confess that she stole the money.

According to Sergeant Gamado, the complainant said she was subjected to severe beatings to the extent that she was not able to bear the pain and that forced her to agree that she stole the GHC500.00.

He said the complainant later reported the case to the Police and the accused person were arrested.


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