‘Trash is a treasure’, believes Mariya Sorokina. The Ukrainian artist goes to a recycling centre on the outskirts of Kiev every weekend to dispose of her waste responsibly.

However, unlike most other environmentally-conscious recyclers, she returns home with ‘treasure’ or recyclable plastic that she will turn into glamorous accessories.”I plan to make a necklace out of such elements.

There will be several hexagonal cells and I will tie them with the help of wires which are electronic waste. And it can also make glamorous earrings,” said the young artist.

Driven by a passion for sustainable fashion and a desire to keep Ukraine’s environment clean, 27-year-old Sorokina founded her Re-beau brand in April 2018.

Her line of eco-friendly jewellery made of recycled plastic appeared on Ukrainian Fashion Week, collaborating with designer Roussin for their 2019 spring-summer collection devoted to responsible consumption.

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