McCrorey made Tourism Chief

By Ebenezer Aryee

An African-American Tour Operator and Investor – Rashad McCrorey – has been enstooled the Tourism Chief of Iture, a town near Elmina in the Central Region. McCrorey is expected to build infrastructure and set up a Scholarship Scheme for Students in the town which is said to be the gateway to Elmina.

Rashad McCrorey
Rashad McCrorey

Rashad McCrorey arrived in Accra, Ghana in late February 2020, to attend Ghana’s Independence Day Celebration, and has since remained in the country.

At a point, this Tour Operator who has visited a number of African countries in the past, was introduced to the Iture Royal Family, and the decision to develop the Community and promote tourism took root. Rashad McCrorey now has the stool name – “Nana Kofi Kukudurfo I “.

The young Entrepreneur is recognized as an American Authority Figure in travel and repatriation to Africa.  He is on record to have brought about 400 individuals, mostly Africans in the Diaspora (back) to the Continent. Itrue, which is about two kilometres from the Elmina Castle, is home to some of the Slave Dungeons.

Nana Kofi Kukudurfo, who is also an author and a journalist, is known to have written articles promoting African and African Diaspora relations. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and Anthropology from the Dowling University in New York, Master’s degree in Public Administration from the Cuny Baruch University, New York, and Master’s in Theology from the Drew University, New Jersey.


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